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Appreciating our Community Helpers

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This week we learned about our community helpers - more specifically, the Hong Kong Police. The children from the Butterfly class went to the police station this week by public transport to learn about what police officers do on a daily basis. The police officers were so nice to let our students try on their bullet-proof vest (which was super heavy by the way!), examine real hand-cuffs and listen to a police siren. They especially loved sitting in the police van! It was such an eventful day for the children in the Butterfly class and they spent the next few days talking about their experiences with their friends and family.

Back at school, the younger kids from the Cocoon/Caterpillar class also spent the day (Wednesday) learning how the police help the community to fight crime! They got to check out the different police accessories we had prepared for them as well as try on cool police outfits! We ended the day with a lovely water play session in our outdoor playground - perfect for this hot weather!

As part of our central theme this month (on 'family') our students from the Caterpillar/Cocoon class are learning to recognise the Chinese characters for mum and dad. Look at how happy they are to see pictures of their parents in the reading corner. It's so nice to have a week bit of home at school!

In the Butterfly Class, our kids got to see a string bean (yes that's right, just the one string bean unfortunately!) they had planted before our Easter break. We also got to look at a caterpillar and a mantis up close through our handy-dandy magnifying glasses! We ended our gardening session by watering our plants and vegetables from the garden!

Before we sign off, we'd just like to remind you that we'll be having another Night Walk on Saturday (May 25th, 2019). Join us in Tai Po Kau during the last few hours of daylight to see how the forest changes when the day makes room for the night! Special creatures accompanied by the sounds of the forest will definitely provide a great experience for all! Interested parties please fill click here.

Have a pleasant weekend everyone!

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