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Hello everybody!

We trust that everybody is healthy and well. We would like to keep you updated on a few things that are happening behind the scenes over here at Mulberry Tree.

Uncle Marnick has been super busy making sure that our outdoor area is ready to welcome children when school resumes. He is currently working on upgrading our backyard - even our pizza oven has had a makeover! Oh and let's not forget the wonderful job Uncle Marnick has done in the front garden! What an amazing transformation!

For learning to continue at home, our classes are being conducted on multiple platforms including Zoom, Google Classroom StoryPark. The children are still able to engage in fun activities like singing, dancing and story-telling in English, Cantonese and Putonghua. Furthermore, they are given weekly Montessori/Reggio-inspired projects (called 'Learning Sets' to do at home with their loved ones. As you can see, a lot of hard-work goes into making these tailor-made learning sets. This is what we call 'labour of love'!

We understand that the current circumstances have been particularly stressful for families and as a community school, we are trying our best to support our students and their families. We arrange weekly Zoom meetings for parents who might have questions and concerns regarding their child's learning at home. The meetings are interactive allowing for parents to share their thoughts and ideas.

Before we sign off, let us leave you with a round-up of what our kids have been doing online and at home.

We hope you enjoyed these photos! Have a great weekend!

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