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Hi there!

This week, we went on a whole school fieldtrip to Living Farm in Tai Hang Tsuen, Tai Po. The organic farm tour was led by the founder himself, Godfrey Gor Gor and his mum! Together, we learned what organic farming is all about including proper management of soil/water, pest control, fertilising and the many different ways to harvest. We got our hands on a few handy-dandy gardening tools and walked around the different plots. Despite the change in season, we saw an abundance of crops like roselle flowers, sweetcorn, lemongrass, sweet potatoes and okras (lady fingers). OK, enough rambling from us, we'll let the pictures speak for themselves!

During the tour, we met Tiger and Panther, their playful farm cats as well as a dog. But of course, the highlight of our field trip was meeting Mr. Oink Oink, their resident pig and boy, did we get up close and personal! We enjoyed feeding him and petting him - although, he didn't seem too bothered by us!

We would like to thank Godfrey for sharing his expertise and passion for organic farming.

For those of you who do not already know, our Outdoor Nature Leader, Uncle Marnick leads nature walks/ nightwalks on a regular basis. Here are a few snapshots of last night's nightwalk (28/9) - an exceptional learning experience for children AND adults! Stay tuned for our next nature-related event! We will have more one-off activities coming your way!  To see more nature blogs, please add us on Facebook (@MulberryTreeHK).

FINAL CALL: If you haven't already signed up for Fall Camp (2-9 years old), it's not too late! To sign up, please fill in the Google Form below: hope you all enjoyed these pictures! Have a nice day!


Have a pleasant day!


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