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Sensitive Periods

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Happy Monday everyone!

One of the best things about being a small community school is that we are able to know each child as an individual. We know their likes/dislikes, their habits and when things seem a bit off, we can almost always sense it e.g. when someone is unwell. For the past few weeks, we have noticed that some of the students in the Butterfly class have been doing lots of dramatic play (their sensitive period) involving 'Paw Patrol' (a popular cartoon series on Nickelodeon) but consequently leaving those who don't know anything about it out. In order to include everyone, we managed to work Paw Patrol into our meeting time - we talked about the characters and learned to recognise their names. Now that everyone knows what Paw Patrol is, we expect to see more students involved in creating imaginative stories together!

*** Sensitive periods are developmental windows of opportunity during which the child can learn specific concepts more easily and naturally than at any other time in their lives. Click here to learn more.

Here, the children are told to match the characters to the first letters of their names. ZZZ Zuma, R-R- Rubble, M-M-Marshall... do you know all the character's names?

Despite the unpredictable weather last week, the sun decided to shine on the day of our field trip! Yippee! Here are some pictures from Butterfly's trip to Pak Tam Chung in Sai Kung. The children got to race dragon boats in the water and as you can see from their faces, it was lots of fun! We also got to see some creepy crawlies lurking around!

We love a good action shot!

Can you tell what this is?

The children from the Caterpillar/Cocoon room walked over to Mui Shue Hang this week to explore the changes in the season (from Spring to Summer). Seeing how hot it was that day, we will surely appreciate having the pools out this week! Don't forget your swimwear!

Before we sign off - we'd just like to remind you a few things...

- Please remember to label your child's belongings. Please note that items that are lost with no names on them will be placed in the Lost and Found.

- Remember to include a container in your child's bag on the days he/she does baking. As much as possible, we are trying to minimise the use of plastic bags at Mulberry Tree and we expect families to foster the same value at home for the sake of our environment.

Hope you all had an awesome long weekend!

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