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A New School Year!

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Last week was a hot but fruitful week as our children get (back) into the swing of things here at Mulberry Tree!

We would like to officially welcome our new students to Mulberry Tree - we look forward to spending the next few years with you and your child as we celebrate their developmental milestones! It is going to be a fun and exciting school year (2019-2020) with lots of learning to be done and laughters to be shared!

This week, the Caterpillars and the Cocoons got to explore Mulberry Tree and its surrounding areas. They even got a glimpse of the Butterfly room - a good taste of what being a 'big kid' would be like!

Look at them going about their daily activities with confidence and care!

A handful of students from the Cocoon class have migrated to the Butterfly class this term and for the most part, they are transitioning very well as they begin to adapt to new classroom rules and expectations. Existing Butterfly students have been great with our the new Butterflies... showing them where things are and what to do! They are wonderful role models to the younger kids!

This week, the Butterflies walked over to Mui Shue Hang to see what Summer has to offer (apart from the heat, of course!) - it was a lovely walk through the park and the kids got to make crafts from clay and other natural goodies!

Stay tuned for our Mid-Autumn Bash which is scheduled for the 7th of September! You are invited!

Enjoy the photos and have a great week!

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