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Hi there!

Lots of learning in the Butterfly Room this week! This week, we made ice-lollies using our favourite fruits. We also learned how to recognise different fruit names in Chinese. We had a great time making refreshing ice-lollies and they were delicious (btw)!

Some of the older kids in the Butterfly room have also started to form sentences in Chinese.

We are beginning to read the time in the Butterfly room. During our baking session, we also used out little hands to form different numbers out of bread dough. Each student had a different number to go home with - how excited were they to take their numbers home to show their loved ones!

The full-day Butterfly class created their own ocean using sand, rocks and food-colouring (to make a nice blue tint to the water) as part of our STEM programme. The children had a serious discussion about which creature goes where and what they eat.

The animal of the week was the very special octopus! We learnt about how they change colour, have no bones and squirt ink when they feel threatened. Of course we had to test it all out to see how that all works. Our students love STEM as it gives them the opportunity to think out of the box!

For some of you who have not signed up for the Mid-Autumn Bash, 2019 - you still have a chance. Kindly feel in this google form: Can't wait to celebrate with you all!

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