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Back from our Easter Break

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Hello everyone! We hope you all had a smashing Easter break! Our kids from our Easter Camp surely had tons of fun this year - they got play in the water, go on an egg-citing Easter egg hunt, decorate their Easter eggs, see Spring in full blood and much more! For more pictures, please visit our Facebook page (@MulberryTreeHK). If you missed our Easter Camp this year, don't fear as we will be releasing our Summer Camp leaflets next week so stay tuned!

During the break, our facilitators have been super busy rearranging the Butterfly room for MAXIMUM learning and playing! The kids were quick to notice some of the changes in the classroom including a new sink! Can you tell by their faces how thrilled they are to get their hands on our new trays!?

Thanks to Uncle Marnick this week, we got to see a small beetle up close under a magnifying glass. It was red, black and white! We were very careful not to shake the magnifying glass! We also looked at sunflower seeds before heading out to the garden to do some planting and watering. We had an accident with the soil and got it everywhere! Thankfully, the kids the in the Butterfly class were kind enough to help each other scoop it back up!

Before we sign off, we'd just like to make a few announcements!!

- We were able to raise $928 from the bake sale! This money will go towards upgrading our outdoor facilities! We'll be letting you know of the purchases/changes we make! Woohoooo!!!

- We were able to raise $911 from the second hand sale which will go to Pathfinders, an organisation that helps vulnerable children born in Hong Kong, and their migrant mothers. For more information about their organisation, please let click on the link

- We have noticed a lot of new water bottles - as nice as they are, many are without names! To prevent cross contamination, we remind you again to label your child's water bottle.

Signing off now! Have a pleasant weekend!

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