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Back in Full Swing!

Mulberry Tree's Weekly Blog

It's our first full week back since our Chinese New Year break and the kids are getting back into the swing of things! The children (as you will see below) have been very busy with their learning! Hope you all enjoy the pictures!

In the Butterfly room, the kids have been working on simple calculations. We talked about our favourite number and went on a number hunt around the classroom to find two of the same items! We had some good finds: we found two banana shakers, two ladles, two stars, two rocks, two letter cookies, two sticks, two eyes, two ears etc.! We've got some pretty good detectives in the Butterfly Room!

For this week's field trip, we went to the Yakult Factory in Tai Po and gained a lot of new knowledge like what goes into a bottle of Yakult and how each bottle is made! We all thought the machines were very cool, too! Not only did we get to taste the delicious Yakult, the factory gave us a file and a placemat each to take home as souvenirs! Thanks Yakult Factory!

Some of you might remember this 'Thank You' card we made for them last year! Look at how little some of us looked?!

Unfortunately, the Amber rain on Tuesday morning kept us out of the garden so we grabbed the opportunity to run a few STEM activities with everyone in the Butterfly class! We experimented with colours, magnets, launched our balloons along lines and on our balloon-powered little car :) There's no stopping us from learning...not even heavy rain! No siree!

Back in the office, we've been busy planning for our first ever Spring Fair (13th-14th April) and we are getting a lot of positive feedback from our friends & followers on Facebook. We are looking forward to sharing this special event with everyone! Any new updates will be posted on Facebook and Storypark.

Hope you all have a splendid weekend!

Mulberry Tree

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