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Nature Walk @ Lion's Centre

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We would like to take this opportunity to welcome ALL our of new students! We are so delighted to have you with us and we trust that you and your child will make lots of precious memories here at Mulberry Tree.

As for the week, we found some sneaky Giant African Snails in our garden! Apparently, they have been feasting on our kale - Good investigative work done by the Butterfly room! Luckily, our strawberries were somewhat untouched so we got to savour them; they were deliciously ripe...Mmmm... our favourite!

We like using the hose to water our plants at times!

We can recognise the names of the vegetables that are growing in our garden.

Doing some leaf-printing, as you do after a gardening session!

For this week's field trip, we took our students out to Sai Kung to visit the Lion's Centre. We had a wonderful time at the seashell and fishery exhibitions and we were thrilled to see tomatoes and sunflowers growing in their garden.

We had so much fun stepping over these rocks!

Would you say that they're listening intently?

What a fun and interactive exhibition!

As part of our reflection, we talked about the different natural habitats in the Butterfly Room.

Meetings times are always held in Putonghua on Fridays and this week, we learned to count dinosaurs and talk about their different features like colour, pattern and whether they could fly or not.

How many dinosaurs can you see? Yi, er, san...

As you can see, there's never a dull moment at Mulberry Tree and we are looking forward to more learning experiences this term!

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