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Busy Bees...buzzzzzzzzzz!

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Nothing is going to stop us from learning... not even the rain!

It was a rainy Tuesday morning, the children from the Butterfly class took the opportunity to do some pre-learning prior to our Wednesday's field trip. Marnick, our outdoor nature leader went over some fun bee facts; they got see, touch and feel beeswax as they collected their own pollen and nectar! They also made their own honeycomb using pom poms and egg cartons! What a great way to learn about honey production... our students truly were the 'busy bees' on this day!

Watching a short video about a bee's life cycle...

This week, our children visited Po Sang Yuan Bee Farm in Fanling to learn about bees and the benefits of honey. It was a great way for us to learn about the bees' importance as pollinators. We ended our fieldtrip by having a refreshing glass of honey lemon tea which went very well with our snacks, may we add!


Getting up, close and personal!

Nom nom nom!

As you might know, we have been busy planning for our Spring Fair (13th-14th April from 11am-4pm) and we would really appreciate more help from our community. Please let us know via StoryPark/WhatsApp if you are interested in helping with any of the following:

1. Bake Sale (all proceeds will go to upgrading our outdoor facilities)

2. Secondhand baby/children's items (all proceeds will go to Pathfinders)

About Pathfinders - an organisation based in Hong Kong. PathFinders Limited is an independent, secular and non-partisan humanitarian services organisation with tax-exempt charitable status in Hong Kong. Since our founding in 2008, PathFinders has helped over 6,000 of Hong Kong’s most vulnerable babies, children and migrant women. Over 10% of the children we have served would, but for PathFinders, have been at extreme risk of abuse, neglect, even trafficking. For more information, click here.)

3. We need more volunteers to set-up/run booths on the 13th and 14th April. Any help will be much appreciated!

We trust that you are all having a great weekend despite the wet weather! Can't wait to see everyone next week!

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