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Good day, everyone!

The children in the sandpit made some exciting discoveries this week!

As some children were playing with the new construction vehicles in the sandpit, one boy discovered a shell. He picked it up so that he could listen to the sound of the ocean. "I can hear oooohhh, like a ghost" he explained. He then asked his friends whether they'd want to listen, too. Fascinated by the sound, his friends started picking up all the shells they could find and listened to them one by one.


Of course, this continued on in the lunch room when they started listening to their rice bowls! WARNING: Don't be surprised if your child starts picking things up and listening to them!

Another brilliant discovery - children made a nutritious pot of soup to share with our facilitators during outdoor play...this soup was complete with tomatoes, potatoes and cheese. Would you like some?

We were very lucky to have excellent weather during PE this week, the kids were able to run around and play a few fun games! They got to practice walking on stepping stones and stilts, too!

We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to Marnick's Night Walk on the 30th of March (4:45pm 8:15pm). If you are interested, please let us know via WhatsApp (Tel: 6460 4177) or StoryPark.


Have a great day!

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