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Love is all around Mulberry Tree... but because pictures speak louder than words... we will leave it up to you to judge. We hope you enjoy these pictures!

Last week was especially hot and during playtime, the children were often reminded to drink more water to stay hydrated. In this picture, the boy on the left is offering his friend a drink of water by handing him his water bottle. How lovely!

There is more love and care in the Caterpillar/Cocoon Room with our children helping with the feeding. They really are growing up fast! Sometimes, all we need is a little encouragement from our friends.

We had pretty some upset children in class last week but there is nothing to worry about! We have friends who are so caring and empathetic. In this picture, the girl is handing the boy a tissue so that he can wipe off his tears. Talk about multi-tasking!

Only three weeks into the term and our new students are already starting to get the hang of school! These children are definitely learning to be more independent as they learn to take care of their belongings and put on their own shoes/socks!

The Butterfly class went to Pak Tam Chung in Sai Kung for the very first time. They got to see some turtles in the pond, listen to cicadas and learn about horseshoe crab! The highlight of the trip was definitely water play - the children enjoyed sailing their boats and splashing about in the water!

This boy was especially proud of himself today - he found some shells in the stream and even wanted to take them home!

We are very proud of our children this week, not only did they display their love for nature but they were also very caring and empathetic towards their friends. This makes our hearts warm and fuzzy!

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