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Hello there!! The kids had a lot of energy to burn at the beginning of the week after being cooped up at home during the weekend because of the rain. Fortunately, the weather's been great this week and we were able to go out and see some changes in our environment! YUP! Springtime has definitely arrived!

We took the Caterpillar/Cocoon class on an exciting Nature Walk this Wednesday. We went to Lion's Centre in Sai Kung to talk about Springtime. It was wonderful to see the little ones hiking through the woods; we saw butterflies, beetles, grasshoppers, cicadas and even a tiny frog! Big thumbs up to all the children (and parents/helpers) who came along - we all had a great time walking, exploring, observing and nurturing our curiosity!

Meanwhile, the children from the Butterfly room went to the public library in Tai Po to search for books about dogs as we have a guide dog visiting to our school next week. Sadly, the kids in the Butterfly room haven't been looking after Shelley very well this week, so we also made it a point to find some pet care books to teach us how to take proper care of Shelley (and all our other pets on campus!).

A big shoutout to our birthday celebrants today! As part of our birthday routine, the celebrants each got a card and a powerpoint made displaying their photos/developmental milestones over the years! It's always nice to see how much we've grown since being in our mummies' bellies! Thank you for all the delicious goodies you brought to school today. Wishing you all more and more birthdays to come! (Note: more pictures on StoryPark)

Have a nice weekend!

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