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Happy Moon Festival

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Hi there!

This week has been all about Mid-Autumn Festival! From decorating our lanterns, to mooncake-making to's been a fun-filled week for everyone here at Mulberry Tree!

A make-believe market was set up in the function room this week. We had different stalls selling a variety of fruits that people traditionally like to buy during Mid-Autumn Festival like starfruit, pomelo, pears etc. What cute little vendors - how can one resist buying from them?! The kids were delighted to give each fruit a taste test after purchasing the items - look at how happy they are as they begin to learn about the value of money.

Singing 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' and pretending to grab the stars from the sky!

Learning how to make snowy mooncakes - great sensory activity!

Before doing some role-play in the function room, the children from the Butterfly room learned the Chinese and English names of ingredients used to make snowy mooncakes. They used a scale to see how much each item weighed before devouring them completely! As it turns out - pomelos are the heaviest of all the fruits that were available for purchase!

It's not easy peeling a pomelo! Teamwork is needed - "One, two, three...pull!"

The Mid-Autumn Festival Bash (7/9) was such a great success with more food than anyone could eat (it's a good thing we started with empty bellies!). We had lamb chops, Tomahawk steaks, pork belly, chicken wings, salmon, salad, chips and dips, cheese & salami and fruits, of course! The children also got to make mooncakes/decorate their paper lanterns with their parents. Events like these provide us with an opportunity to bond with parents/children. It truly was a pleasant evening for everyone! Thanks to those who came!

That's it for now folks! Hope you have a great week ahead!


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