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"Fruit Salad...yummy yummy! Yummy yummy yummy yummy fruit salaaaaaaadddd!" (Singing to the Wiggles). Last week, the little ones got to make delicious fruit salad using their favourite fruit! Can you tell what they are? They were so involved in the process and were very proud of themselves after. Delish!

An award-winning photo, right here!!

Did you know that Mulberry Tree is part of a ‘Postcard Exchange Programme’ and once in awhile we receive postcards from children from all around the world who share fascinating information about their schools and cities. Last week, the children from the Butterfly class replied to a postcard from a Montessori school in the UK. It's always an exciting event for us to receive postcards through the mail - after all, we need to bring snail mails back!

While the older kids practiced cutting/pasting/writing their names, the younger children helped out by sticking bits of multi-coloured tissue paper onto their card. Proud of what they had produced, they carried their mail all the way to the post office on foot and got involved in the whole mailing process! After our visit to the post office, we had our snacks at Eightland Garden followed by a short play in the playground!

Teamwork at its finest!

We had a great gardening session with the Butterfly class. We did a fun little experiment in the classroom using seeds and wet cotton balls. We can't wait to see the seeds sprout! Before going out to the garden to plant our zucchinis, we read Eric Carle's 'The Tiny Seed' and enjoyed every moment of it!

We will end this blog with another great achievement! We had ‘The Education University of Hong Kong’ visit our campus last week to film a virtual reality video to use as part of their teaching programme. In the VR, we discussed the benefits of non-conventional teaching and how we adapt the Reggio-Emilia approach into our curriculum.

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Have a great week!

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