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Hello there!

We had our termly school family picnic @ Jordan Valley Park last Wednesday and we were blessed with beautiful weather - lovely breeze and a bit of sunshine...just perfect! We played in the playground, blew bubbles and had a nice game of Cat & Mouse. Some kids even made up their own games! It was so nice to see all the families so involved and having fun! Thanks for coming!

We noticed a few special visitors in our little garden during our gardening session with the Butterfly class. We found a few very pretty caterpillars with big shiny blue eye-like spots happily munching away through our leaves and veggies! Oh no! Perfect time for some close up observations. Where's our handy dandy magnifying glass? Let's see what they will turn into!

We even found a big leaf mimicking grasshopper!

We had our Student-Led Tour last week. The Butterfly kids were thrilled to show their parents around the classroom. They were shown their names in Chinese and English, their school portfolios and some were even read to! We truly are busy bees in the Butterfly room and it's great that parents get to see us in action!

English meeting time!

The music wall is up ad running and the kids are certainly composing their own songs! Thanks to those who brought stuff in - as they saying goes "One man's trash is another man's treasure!".

We have a few reminders this week:

- The Winter Potluck is on the 20/Dec. Please go on Storypark for more details. (students only)

- Our Christmas Party is on the 26/Dec. Please note that a receipt of payment is needed to confirm your attendance.

- Coffee Talk Morning is scheduled for the 21/Dec. Our topic is going to be on 'Learning How to Make Healthy Picnic Foods'. We will be doing a food demonstration in the kitchen and we expect parents to be involved in the cooking process (so do bring your own apron!). Please confirm your attendance by Thursday (19/Dec).

- We break for Christmas on the 22nd of December 2019 and come back on the 6th of January 2020.

Thanks and have a nice day!

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