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Leaves & Mangroves

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With the cool weather and blue skies, we went to Plover Cove to explore the mangroves.
We took the opportunity to go on a 'shells and clams hunt' and learned about the creatures that in the mangroves. And guess what? We even got to observe the odd mudskippers. We brought back a whole collection of shells to observe in class as well! Experiencing different habitats make for a wonderful learning experience!

Following our fieldtrip to the mangroves, we took a closer look at the importance of mangroves and their residential creatures! Using the book 'A shell of his own,' we learned about why sea creatures have shells. We found out that mangroves protect our coasts and serve as nurseries for our baby fish! What do we do with that information one might ask? Recreate our own mangrove, of course! Sensory activities during our STEM classes are lots of fun for our full day Butterflies as you can see!

The monsoon brought us the first cold spell last Thursday - not a problem for our Butterfly kids, though! They kept themselves nice and warm by raking and jumping into piles and piles of leaves! Jumping, crashing, and crawling in leaves allows our students to get the most out of their exciting sensory playtime. We also enjoyed collecting fallen leaves for our growing compost pile. Yup! Playing purposefully - it's the best kind of learning!

Leaf activities are wonderful because all of the senses get input including sight, smell, touch, and hearing. The Caterpillar/Cocoon students made some lovely nature crafts using fallen leaves during our field trip. We also practiced writing and drawing in dirt - what fun sensory activities for all! Definitely a fieldtrip worth remembering!

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Stay warm!

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