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Hi Parents,

Last week, we had our first ever 'Student-Led Tour'. What is a 'Student-Led Tour' some of you might ask? It's essentially a tour offered to parents and led by the students. During the tour, students are to lead parents through a discussion of their work, classroom routines and facilities while establishing their academic and social goals. Look at how proud some of these Butterfly children are showcasing their work/book to their parents!

This week we had the Robotcop come and visit our school! What an interactive experience it was for everyone! It was so cool to see it move and talk. As part of our reflection, the kids in the Butterfly Room designed their own tangrams for Maths. We made robots using different coloured shapes - but our creativity didn't just stop there! Some of us made castles, cars, houses...!

Lastly, we are excited to announce that our Family Picnic (Trio Beach in Sai Kung) is scheduled for the 10th of July, 2019 (WED) and everyone is welcome to attend. Please save the date!

**More details regarding the Family Picnic to follow via STORYPARK. Stay tuned!

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