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Hello there!

Marnick took the Cocoon and the Caterpillar class out on a wonderful nature walk this week despite the itty-bitty rain. The rainy season is the best time to see dragonflies, ricefields and, of course...frogs, 'ribbit ribbit'! Our theme for this week's field trip was on the lifecycle of a frog and there is no better way to learn than to see the real thing.

Our little explorers were very brave to hike in the heat - they were rewarded by seeing many colourful creatures as well as frog eggs, tadpoles and frogs big and tiny. Look at how curious they are! We'll let the pictures speak for themselves!

The learning doesn't stop outdoors as we bring nature into the Butterfly classroom. Here is our newly upgraded Nature Zone - fully equipped with puzzles, magnifying glasses, rocks, shells, birds nests, insects and other cool souvenirs of nature! There was definitely a lot of "What is this?" and "What is that?" this week!

For English, we are learning about the letter 'R' - the children can now think of MANY words things that begin with the letter 'R'! Don't believe us? Ask them yourselves!

After seeing the letter formation during meeting time, they got to do some rrrrrrainbow writing using a magic scratchpad! Check out their 'I-am-concentrating-do-not-disturb-me' faces!

To sum up, we had a lovely week and we are looking forward to a busy month ahead! Learning Journey Celebration, Student-led tours, parents' meetings and more... so remember to check Storypark for any updates!

Enjoy your weekend!

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