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Turnip cake...nom nom nom!

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This week, our students were busy slicing and dicing vegetables to go into their very own turnip cake or 'lo bat go'. There was of course, turnips, carrots and portobello mushrooms. Yes, the 'healthier' version! While some kids were excited to take their goodies back home for their loved ones, others couldn't help but devour them as soon as they were taken out of the steamer!

Another addition to our play area - a HUGE sensory tub for the Caterpillars and Cocoons! The open-ended tub fillers made for endless imaginative play and in-depth conversations.

In the Butterfly room, the children are learning to read the Chinese characters for different kinds of fruits. The vast majority of characters in Chinese are compound characters and can be broken down into 2 or more components. By joining these puzzle pieces together, the children are learning that complex characters can be broken down at a higher level than strokes.

This week's STEM class was all about lifting, pulleys and cranes!
The full day Butterflies looked at the different ways of lifting and moving things - from using a pulley over an elevator to cranes and cable carts. They absolutely loved to experiment; pulling up/down and managing the different directions in which the carts move....whether it is the wrong way or the right way, it doesn't matter as long as they are learning and having fun!

Before we sign off, please remember that we will be having our Winter Hotpot on the 21st of January, don't forget to bring in your favourite hotpot items to share with friends. Can't wait to see you all in your Chinese New Year outfits!

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