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Hello there again!

It was the Caterpillar and Cocoon’s turn to go to the Environmental Resource Centre in Fanling last Wednesday. Apart from learning about renewable energy in Hong Kong, we were taught how to dispose of our rubbish properly. We hope that together, we can help reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills for a greener tomorrow! Remember, good habits start at home! The day ended with delicious snacks we brought from home.

The Butterfly kids on the other hand ventured off to Tuen Mun Park to do some exploring with Uncle Marnick! We visited the 'Reptile House' and saw a handful of phenomenal creatures including snakes, lizards and tortoises of varying sizes and physical features. We got to play on the big slides and other exciting structures in the playground before heading back to Mulberry Tree. What a great day we had!

We have been busy watering, planting cuttings and spoiling the guinea piggies (as one does!) during our gardening session. The children are getting to know their responsibilities and going about their chores. It's so nice to see them share tasks and become part of a tight community!

We hope you enjoyed our updates and if you don't already know, we would like to invite your to our first 'Coffee Talk Morning' which is scheduled for the 26th of October from 0830-1000. We hope to bring the school community closer together by sharing ideas and parenting tips! For more information, see poster/ Storypark,

To attend, simply fill in the Google form below.

Till next time!

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