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Overcoming Barriers of Culture

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Hello everyone!

There is nothing better than to receive a postcard from friends halfway across the world! For our Postcard Exchange Project, the children from the Butterfly class wrote postcards in English and Chinese (look at how well we write now!) while others drew pictures of things that are unique to Hong Kong. We even made bookmarks using pressed Bauhinia leaves to surprise our friends with. What a great way to overcome barriers of culture and just reach out to others in the spirit of friendship. We want the world to know what a wonderful city Hong Kong truly is and bring smiles to faces when they receive our mail!

For this week's gardening session, we did some seed-saving as we looked into flowers and pumpkins to retrieve their seeds. The flower seeds in the pods were a lot smaller but, luckily, we were able to get some out!

We should also mention that we found a sneaky little toad in our watering bucket the next day! What a good opportunity for us to take a close look at it before doing some gardening chores with the full day children! Thanks for visiting!

The children from the Cocoon/Caterpillar class went on a long journey to Tuen Mun park. We saw a few ginormous tortoises and other spectacular creatures there. The playground didn’t fail to impress either, with a big rope course, huge slides, drumroll please! SWINGSSSSSSS (a rarity in HK!), we just didn’t want to go home! We can’t wait to go back!

Hope you enjoyed reading our blog! Don't forget to check out our FB page for more pictures of your little ones and other Mulberry Tree updates! (@MulberryTreeHK).

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