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Using Tools Safely

To Enhance Creative Freedom

Kids can demonstrate the abundance of their creativity if we only give them a chance. Here at Mulberry Tree we give them safe access to tools. If they get an idea we help them to execute it. They are so proud to be able to bring an idea into fruition, express their creativity, and demonstrate to the younger kids how they do it. The younger kids look on with great curiosity and learn from their peer role models.

What a fun DIY Saturday spent re-purposing recycled paper rolls to make robots

This project began with a simple desire and interest to turn our classroom paper rolls into robots. Since those rolls are used for our Math Corner, our lead facilitator showed them how to make their own. We took some spares out and cut them in half with hand saws. All the children, younger and older, were actively engaged in this activity for over an hour. The younger children learn from observing and the older children learn by doing. They are so excited to be trusted to work with "grown up" tools. They are forming valuable mind-body connections between being spontaneously inspired by ideas and executing them using their hands.



Working with with hand tools individually for a group project

Come join our Saturday programs and try your hand at making something you envision!

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