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Enhancing Literacy in the Classroom

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Hi there!

Over the past weeks, the children from the Butterfly room have been practicing their pre-writing and writing skills. Pre-writing tasks such as learning how to grasp a pencil and manipulate their fingers are essential in gaining mastery in writing. The older children are also learning to write in Chinese and English. Soon enough, they'll be confident (Bilingual) little writers!

Last week, the Butterfly kids went to the library to search for books pertaining to our theme on 'Healthy Eating'. And as we had time to spare, they were given some free time to pick out their own books to read with their friends. We also read the signs around the library - Can you tell what this sign means?

The Cocoons and Caterpillars went to Kadoorie Farm last week to look for 'Farm Animals' but we ended up with more than what we bargained for! We saw many animals like pigs, deers, flamingoes! We shared our delicious snacks with our friends before heading back to school 'coz remember? Sharing is caring! ;)

You asked and we delivered! Our Christmas Party is set for the 26th of December, 2019 and you are invited! Get your favourite Christmas jumpers on and let’s celebrate Christmas together! Don’t miss out! To register, please fill in the Google form:

See you all then!

Note: To participate in our Secret Santa, please bring a gift worth $50. Please see poster for more information.

And one more thing! Please also note that this month's (30th November 2019) theme for 'Coffee Talk Morning' is on 'Teaching Phonics and Literacy at Home', the session will be held in English and Cantonese and is free for existing parents of Mulberry Tree. To register, please fill in the Google form:

Thanks and stay safe, everyone!

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