• Our Team of Educators

    Shatin Campus

    Montessori , Reggio - Emilia , Early Childhood , Parenting Expert and Educator

    Allison Lee


    Allison is a qualified Montessori Teacher and Teacher Trainer in:


    NAMC Infant/Toddler & Early Childhood

    MCI Montessori Pedagogy (Birth-7)

    IMS Montessori Teacher Education


    With over 10 years of experience in education, she is an avid admirer of the Reggio Emilia Approach.


    She is passionate about integrating the best, most progressive techniques available in education into our curriculum.

    Leontyne Chan

    English Facilitator

    Leontyne Chan is originally from London, UK.

    She graduated from IBDP and with a Bachelor’s Degree (Hons) majoring in English and Business communication in Hong Kong, to pursue the path of an English teacher since 2018.

    Leontyne is a qualified TESOL teacher with 4 years of teaching experience.


    Leontyne believes that children should be able to experience learning in different ways, and she’s excited to bring her experiences, patience, and confidence to the classroom with the Montessori and Reggio approach.

    Ella Wightman

    School Counsellor/

    English Faciliator

    Ella Wightman is a Native English Teacher with over 15 years of English language teaching experience in Hong Kong, Mainland China, and Germany.


    A Psychology Major and a certified CELTA holder, Ella is also qualified to teach Kindermusik and Letterland Phonics. She is an Independent Certified Trainer (ICT) of the Baby Signs Program and a member of the Hong Kong Psychological Society.


    A mother of three, Ella is dedicated to helping children develop their overall skills using holistic approaches to education.

    Native Putonghua Teacher , Facilitator , Mom and Educator

    Nicky Wong

    Putonghua Facilitator

    Nicky Wong is our Putonghua facilitator. A mother herself, Nicky is passionate about the Montessori and Reggio approach and has completed a comprehensive Early Childhood and Parenting Course. She has also passed the National Mandarin Test. She is dedicated towards child development and fostering their independence through self-exploration


    With practicality and warmth, Nicky hopes to help children lay foundations for lifelong skills with our holistic and collaborative curriculum.

    Japanese Facilitator , Educator , Teacher , Toddler Swim Coach

    Jasmine Chan

    Cantonese Facilitator

    Jasmine Chan is our Cantonese Facilitator with experience in teaching playgroup classes and in kindergartens. She currently has a Higher Diploma in Early Childhood Education and a B.Ed in Early Childhood Education, with a focus on Leadership and Special Needs, from the Education University of Hong Kong.


    Jasmine enjoys working with children and is excited to aid children in developing their skills with the Montessori and Reggio approach. She looks forward to building an environment and community that will continue to inspire our children to learn, grow, and play.

    Robert Jones

    English Facilitator

    Robert Jones is our Native English Facilitator from the United Kingdom. He has been living in Hong Kong since 2018 and has since been working in Kindergarten schools.


    He currently holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Early Childhood Education with a focus on Maths and Science from the Hong Kong Education University.


    Robert is looking forward to adapting his approach of the Montessori and Reggio philosophies and creating a fun-filled learning environment for all students.


    Classroom Pet Facilitator

    Our happy and active red slider turtle is loved by our students in the Butterfly Class. He enjoys relaxing on stones and having his back brushed. Through classroom pets, we learn to be compassionate and responsible individuals.

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